Starting Up


When I first turn the power on, the engine will not begin to run. I have to turn the throttle off and then on again to get the engine to operate.

This is normal behavior. To prevent accidental high-speed start-ups, Proto-Sound 2.0 is programmed to start up in neutral anytime track power has been turned off for several seconds. See the "Basic Operation" section for more details.



I canít get the horn to blow when I press the whistle button.

You may be pressing the button too quickly. Try pressing the whistle button more slowly, taking approximately one full second to fully depress the button.



I canít get the bell to ring when I press the bell button.

You may be pressing the button too quickly. Try pressing the whistle button more slowly, taking approximately one full second to fully depress the button.



When I try to fire the coupler, FYS starts.

You are waiting too long between whistle button presses.

The Proto-Coupler wonít let the engine uncouple on the fly.

Try lubricating the coupler knuckle and rivet with a light household oil.

Cab Chatter


Sometimes the Cab Chatter sounds donít play.

Cab Chatter plays only in neutral.



I canít get the engine to run after I power up the transformer. It sits still with the diesel compressor sounds running.

The engine is locked into the neutral position. Follow the procedure in the "Lock into a Direction" section.

The engine wonít lock into forward, neutral, or reverse.

Engine speed must be below 10 scale mph (approx. 10 volts or less in conventional mode).



The sounds seem distorted, especially when the whistle or bell is activated.

Proto-Sound 2.0 volume is set too high. Turn the volume control knob on the bottom of the chassis counter-clockwise to reduce the volume.



The engine will not leave the initial neutral setting.

Check to be sure the battery is installed and fully charged. See the "Self-Charging Battery Back-Up" section.

I get no sounds when the engine shifts between directions.

The battery may be dead or need to be charged. See the "Self-Charging Battery Back-Up" section.

After I turn off my transformer, my engine continues to make sounds before quitting.

Proto-Sound 2.0 is designed to continue to sound for a few seconds after power to the track has been shut off.



The FYS sounds occasionally repeat themselves.

Proto-Sound 2.0 has a built-in random number generator that randomly selects each sound clip to play. Because there are a limited number of sound clips available in each FYS sequence, it is probable that some of these sound clips will be repeated from time to time.

One in FYS, the engine doesnít go into reverse.

So that FYS effects can be as realistic as possible, Proto-Sound 2.0 disables the reversing unit whenever FYS is enabled. This way the engine remains still at its stop as the operator cycles through the FYS sequences.

When the FYS enters its last sequence the bell automatically comes on.

FYS is programmed to start ringing the bell at that point. After approximately 15 rings of the bell, it will automatically turn off.

When FYS is enabled, pressing the whistle and bell buttons has no effect.

Because FYS must control various effects in each sequence, Proto-Sound 2.0 takes control of these sound effects until you exit FYS.

I push the Direction button but the next sound clip in the sequence does not play or the engine does not come out of FYS after the fourth press of the Direction button.

Each FYS clip must play for a certain amount of time before FYS will advance to the next step in the FYS cycle. Wait at least 30 seconds in each FYS sound clip before pressing the Direction button.

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