DCS Track Signal Quality Improvements

Columbia, Maryland, May 1, 2002 --- A simple method has been discovered that improves DCS track signal quality on layouts wired according to the MTH DCS wiring recommendations. The method can be employed on any layout where track quality fails to exceed 8 when measured using the DCS Track Quality test found in DCS's remote control features.

18v bulb track signal improvement # 1

By attaching an 18 volt bulb to the output ports (red and black) of the TIU Output Channels (Fixed or Variable) or onto the DCS Terminal Block input ports (red and black), the track signal quality measurements will increase. The solution does not boost the signal it simply cleans up signals reflected back into the TIU from the track. In effect, the solution eliminates any "noise" caused by signals already present on the layout which lower the effectiveness of any new signal produced by the TIU as commands are sent out.

18v bulb track signal improvement # 2

The solution is only effective on layouts employing the recommended DCS wiring methods as described on the Proto-Sound web site (www.protosound2.com) or in the DCS Operator's Manual.


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