DCS Remote Handheld

The DCS remote handheld features a four-line LCD screen and 32 push buttons for control over the most frequently used locomotive functions, including:

  • Whistle, Horn, and Bell Activation
  • Speed Control
  • Direction Control
  • Smoke Output
  • Coupler Operation
  • Common Sound Effects
  • Emergency Stop
  • Reset to Factory Defaults
  • Use the Built-in Microphone for Proto-Dispatch Feature
  • Many More

Scrolling through the easy-to-use menus on the LCD allows quick access to a multitude of exciting new features, including:

  • Setting Multi-unit Lash-ups
  • Acceleration/Deceleration Rate
  • Maximum Speed Lighting Control
  • Volume Control of Individual Sounds
  • Additional Sound Effects
  • Setting and Recording a Route Script
  • Changing Locomotive Addresses
  • Importing Data from the Computer/M.T.H. Website
  • Many, Many More

The DCS Remote Control recognizes and stores data for up to 50 different locomotives as they are powered up on your layout. Once your engine is recognized, you can set your favorite operating settings, including volume levels, lighting, smoke output, and more with the touch of a few buttons.

Follow this link to see video of the DCS Remote Handheld.