Introducing Proto-Sound 2.0 with the Digital Command System

The Operating System for the New Millennium

Proto-Sound 2.0, a state-of-the-art digital sound and train control system, is composed of two different systems, the Sound System and the Control System, and operates in two different modes, Conventional Mode and Command Mode. Follow the links below to learn more about this revolutionary system.

Proto-Sound 2.0 Systems:

The Sound System uses authentic railroad sounds. Steam engines chuff along with whistles and bells, while diesel roars and electric hums are accented by throaty horns and chiming bells. Proto-Sound 2.0 makes you feel like you are standing trackside.

Proto-Sound 2.0 Modes:

Conventional Mode consists of the collection of sound and operational features available right out of the box, as soon you put the locomotive on the track and fire up the transformer. While greatly enhanced over other conventional mode engines, Proto-Sound 2.0 engines are fully compatible with other locomotives.

The Control System brings exciting features like synchronized puffing smoke, remote control of couplers, speed control, and a mass of command mode operational features to model railroading. Command Mode allows operators individual command of multiple engines, track switches, and accessories at one time with a single remote. In command mode, Proto-Sound 2.0 engines include a host of additional features that allow them to behave more like the real prototypes than any other model trains.

For more information on Proto-Sound 2.0, follow the links below.

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