The Proto-Sound 2.0 Sound System

Proto-Sound 2.0 features a bevy of new sound features that will bring your model railroad to life in ways you never imagined before.

Proto-Sound 2.0-equipped locomotives boast improved and all-new Proto-Effects™, including:

  • New Passenger Station and Freight Yard Sounds
  • New and Improved Cab Chatter with Dozens of Different Sound Scripts
  • Locomotive Start-up and Shut-Down
  • Squealing Brakes and Coupler Release Sounds
  • Coupler Slack Sounds
  • Wheel Clickety-Clack Sounds
  • Train Wreck Sounds
  • Steam Release Sounds

The sound system uses a much wider dynamic sampling rate than anything else available to model railroaders. In plain English that means the high notes are higher and low notes are lower for a much more realistic sound range. When Proto-Sound 2.0 plays, you can practically feel the rumble of a passing train.

The Proto-Sound 2.0 Sound System includes exciting new sound features accessible in DCS Command Mode:

Please see the Conventional Mode and Command Mode portions of this site for more information about which sound effects are available in which mode.